McLuhan on Media

The theories of marketing and communications that were true few decades ago are still relevant in today’s modern, technologically advanced world. Marshall McLuhan, a legendary philosopher of communication theory talked about how new technological changes replace the old world media consumption habits. One of his philosophies that has stood the test of time says, “Old medium is the content of the new medium.”

In this video, McLuhan talks about how movies became the content of the television and how books were the content of the movies. We see this phenomenon occurring around us today as well. We have several mediums to watch TV and movies now; Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, Amazon Video on Demand and many more have become household names. Today, we see that the old television with cable connection is being replaced by online streaming. TV and Movies (the old technology) have now become the content of these streaming services (the new technology).

Identifying the trend, most of the marketers have shifted their focus from TV to Internet marketing because of the changing media consumption habits of the customer. These changes have presented small businesses with the opportunities to make the best use of their resources by narrowing down on their target market with more direct and less expensive online advertising.


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