Targeted Marketing Communications

At the core of every marketer’s effort to attract customer’s attention lies the question: Who is our target audience? It is one of the most important questions that needs to be answered before companies can even begin to formulate any kind of marketing communication or media strategies.

Clearly defining the target customer leads to formulation of an effective message that is likely to get the desired customer’s attention. By knowing their target customers, companies can make better media choices to increase customer’s response to the marketing efforts and minimize wasted circulation.

When it comes to marketing planning, companies often pay too much attention to the means of communication, but not so much to the message itself. Every brand has or is looking to create some kind or recognition and brand image in the minds of their target customer. This image can be developed through a constant and unified reminder of a company’s value preposition. The most effective way to find what your message should be is by focusing on what your customers would like to hear and that question can be answered by asking questions like these:

  • How do you want to be perceived as a company?
  • What features do your customers value most?
  • What is the demographic, psycho-graphic and geographic profile of your target customer?
  • What positive brand associations would you want to resonate with your customer?

Asking a lot of questions can give companies the most useful insights on their branding dilemmas. Companies can save top dollars by opting a targeted approach to their desired customer profile.


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