TED Culture

I am sure a lot of you must have heard about TED. If not, it is one idea worth spreading. TED is a nonprofit platform that facilitates knowledge sharing of all kinds by people from various backgrounds. The ideas presented on TED are mind-boggling, yet simple to understand. The topics for presentations range from neuroscience to marketing, to quantum physics to magic. This is an amazing initiative, and I see more TED videos going viral every day. People are actually talking about it without any advertisement or marketing efforts by the organization.

Marketing field provides a lot of room for creativity where there are no limits to the number of ways people can promote their brand. The landscape of marketing communications has been changing rapidly. Today, radical ideas and campaigns have better success rate than the old stale methods of getting a customer’s attention by advertisements on a television or in a newspaper. Customers are more aware than ever and are sharing their experiences with people around the world almost instantaneously through the Internet. Hence, companies are starting to shift their focus on the quality of product and customer experience. If customers are happy with their experience with the product, there is a high possibility that the brand will be able to sustain growth in future. In case of TED, the radical ideas discussed are generating WOM and facilitating the self-sustainability of the platform.



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