Effective Vs Ineffective Ads

Super Bowl 2013 Ads

Super Bowl is known for its memorable ads that are highly anticipated each year. Some ads are more effective than the others. However, the success of an ad depends on whether it achieves its marketing goal, which can be anything from generating awareness, creating a positive brand image, to just reminding customers.

As a marketer and a consumer, I always test the effectiveness of an ad by asking a few simple questions; How influential is the idea? Does it have the potential to affect my buying behavior? How memorable is this ad and does it clearly deliver the message? After viewing these Superbowl ads, I found a few interesting reasons as to why some of these ads stood out for me and some didn’t.

For example, I didn’t care a lot for the first Doritos ad. I thought it was weird to see a goat obsessed over Doritos. This association did not make any sense to me.  This ad did catch my attention, but not in a positive way. On the other hand, I loved the M&M ad. I thought it had a catchy jingle “I’ll do anything for love,”. It was funny and it was trying to relate to a positive feeling. I always giggle a bit whenever I watch this commercial. Overall, I think it was memorable and it did a good job of brand reinforcement. Also, this ad was in line with the message in all the other recent M&M ads. M&M seems to have followed integrated communication methods in their marketing efforts.

Another ad that caught my attention was Kia Sorento. Although this ad clearly conveys the message that Kia Sorento is a family car, I am a bit skeptical about the approach to this ad which shows that kids sometimes ask questions which makes parents uncomfortable. That is just a fact and I can’t really figure out how this could inspire someone to buy that car. Also, they show the model and brand name at the end for a very brief moment. If one is not paying complete attention, chances are that they’ll miss it and in the end it will just be the message that will stick, not the brand or the product itself. In my opinion, this was not a very effective commercial.

Taco Bell was the ad that had almost everything going for it. It was both funny and memorable. They portray elderly people as Taco Bell’s customers in this ad, even though majority of their customer base consists of younger generation. While the ad certainly delivers the intended message that Taco Bell is open all night for fun-loving people, I am not absolutely sure why they did not show people that the target audience (younger crowd) could relate to. Nevertheless, the ad was mischievous and funny and I think overall it was successful in its efforts. The brand name is visible long enough for you to make out what the ad is all about.

The ads that I did not talk about above were not necessarily ineffective. They all had their positives and negatives. It’s just that they will probably not change my already established opinion about their brand. As I was going through the process to find which ads I found more effective, I realized that those were the ones that clearly communicated the message, effectively displayed their brand and evoked a positive emotion. These ads may not be able to make me buy their product right away, but I did have a positive association which will certainly help in the top of the mind recall when I am buying the same category of products.


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