“Coming Together” ad by Coca Cola Vs Beyoncé “Mirror” ad by Pepsi

Big conglomerates like Coca Cola and Pepsi have all the resources to drive their big budget marketing or ad campaigns. Both have found an efficient way of doing this without wasting their efforts by engaging in cola wars. The two companies have wisely chosen very different messages to influence their target audience. Coca Cola has been focusing on the family values, social issues, happiness and harmony in their message for years; whereas Pepsi has always gone for the charismatic, bold and young image. The difference is quite visible with the two ads below. However, the big question that every marketer should ask is which message is more likely to change customer buyer behavior.
The Coca Cola ad here talks about how the company is being socially responsible by offering low calorie and zero calorie choices to customers because it is concerned about the growing obesity and health problems in the society. Being a skeptic that I am, I can’t help but think that Coca Cola is adapting and reacting to the market changes. Given the fact that Coca Cola doesn’t have a well-diversified portfolio as Pepsi and increased consumer awareness about how carbonated soft drinks (CSD) can cause health related issues, this campaign is an excellent move at the right time. I can really relate to this ad as a customer and feel informed about the low calorie options.
The Pepsi ad, on the other hand is musical, peppy and charismatic. Beyoncé definitely leaves you impressed, but I couldn’t really relate much with the message and did not feel the compassion that I felt with the Coca Cola ad. I agree that Pepsi also has low/zero calorie beverages in its portfolio, but it just doesn’t have that emotional connection. However, the issues related to CSDs are very true for Pepsi also and it would make sense to adapt and change with the market needs and expectations.


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