Buzz Marketing

In a constant effort to influence customer buying behavior, companies do not restrict marketing through one medium. Many buzz marketing campaigns are organized in conjunction with an ad campaign or a social marketing campaign today,  further providing the buzz agents a platform to build upon their approach. In my opinion, a well-structured buzz marketing campaign can result in not only monitory gains but also in creating a trusted brand image.

I have seen many companies over the years utilizing personal interaction to create a buzz about their product in the market. Amway and Avon are some of the big names that have been associated with this kind of marketing activities. However, because of poor execution and misrepresentation, buzz marketing methods have been criticized in the past.

I agree with people when they say they don’t like to be approached by strangers in their personal time with family or friends and telling them about the benefits of a product. I would feel as if someone is intruding in my space, but when it comes from a friend or a family member I am not as uncomfortable talking about it.

There are a certain things that can turn a campaign around. Firstly, the companies need to make sure that the buzz agents chosen are social, have big enough circle and are a good fit for the company’s image. Secondly, the incentive structure needs to be though through and well-designed that serves the purpose of increasing awareness/sale without creating unnecessary complications.

We are bombarded with enormous amount of information about various products and brands from different channels of communication. I believe, the best way to reach out to the target customers is through reference and a carefully designed buzz marketing campaign can do just that.


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