Marketing an Individual

It is quite fascinating to me that various streams of science, be it marketing science, physics, chemistry or mathematics are a result of hundreds of years of evolutionary process. Marketing science is one of the youngest approaches to marketing that has enormous scope and application in our lives today. I would like to share a realization that I had about the applications of marketing in our professional lives.
We all go to school, get a degree and start looking at our career options at some point. Some start looking for work, some create their own by starting a business. No matter what path we choose, we all need to market ourselves. We have to figure out ways to get the attention of the recruiters or make customers choose our products or services over our competitor’s. Creating a preference in the minds of our target market is the key; creating this image takes a lot more than just a CV or an interview.
As a marketer, I can design a marketing strategy, Business Strategy, do market evaluation and/or apply different tools to come up with the right solutions to a marketing problem. But when it comes to market myself, I realize how oblivious I have been in applying all that marketing knowledge. Integrated Marketing Communications is a marketing concept that promotes the unanimity of message in a marketing plan. I realized that this concept can very well be applied to a student looking for a job, a business owner or even a working professional.
Individually, we all need to communicate what value preposition we bring to the table when interviewed, but the process does not start there. We start communicating our value through our CV and LinkedIn profile first, and the rest follows through. As a result of all the technological advancements, an individual is evaluated on multiple levels. In this process, we need to make sure that our message is clear, consistent and our value is visible. For this to work, it is important that what we have to offer (our message) matches with what the employers are looking for.

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