Ogilvy & Mather Reacting to Customer Needs


In this post I would like to share my observation of the changing trend in the advertising industry. For decades, the crucial question in front of all the big marketing spenders has been how to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and how to make sense of the whole gamut. Marketing agencies have been trying to avoid dealing with these questions, but now is the high time to start considering what their customers want from them.

With the exponential increase in competition and arrival of the new digital, less expensive and unconventional platforms of advertising, it has become essential for the “Giants” of the advertising world to take a deeper look at customer needs and wants. Ogilvy and Mather, one of the well-known names in the advertising world, last year introduced the IBM Business Analytics model in conjunction with all the other services which resulted in 20% increase in overall business for the company. In this video, it is very clear that this change in O&M’s approach was a result of an expressed customer need for information. I am hopeful that this trend will become the industry standard in near future and make marketing agencies much more accountable then they have been in the past.


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