TrueCar Commercial Targeting Women

Over the years cars have become an essential part of our communities, but still somehow men are considered to be an authority when it comes to the car buying process. I just saw this TrueCar ad which is kind of breaking the convention by trying to woo the untapped market segment of women.

The target audience for this ad is clearly women. It did catch my attention, so I would say it was successful in getting the point across. I have seen many other TrueCar commercials before but did not pay that much attention. One of the reasons could be that I am not looking to buy a car right now and even if I do, I would have my husband come along.

This ad certainly touches the emotional aspect by talking about individuality of women and how TruCar can help them gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to save the hassle involved in car buying process. The phrase “I don’t need to bring a dude to buy a car” hits the nail on the head. Overall, I would say this is an effective attempt from TrueCar to attract a new market segment.


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