McLuhan on Facebook

“The electronic age…angelizes man, disembodies him. Turns him into software.” — Marshall McLuhan

McLuhan is one of the greatest philosophers of all times and his thoughts always make me wonder about the reality of technological world we live in today. In my previous post I discussed about how big Facebook has become and how it is changing the behavioral patterns of the society. Sure, we are very comfortable with using technology to our advantage for connecting and communicating with the world, but aren’t we becoming invisible in the process? As McLuhan would say, the technology has disembodied us and as far as presence is concerned we are nothing more than a software at the point of contact.

“Unlike previous environmental changes, the electric media constitute a total and near instantaneous transformation of culture, values and attitudes.” — Marshall McLuhan

Above is another relevant quote from McLuhan where he mentioned the effect of the changing electronic media on the various aspects of our lives. The fascinating thing about these quotes is even though they are a few decades old, they illustrate the nuances of technological changes that’s taking place today.


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