Google’s Non-Ad Revenue Growth

Google has been the market leader for the longest time in search engine category. The company has a slightly different business model than the social sites. However, it has been criticized for a heavy dependence on the ad revenue. For years, around 96% of Google’s revenue was attributed to online ad sales, but in last year it has gone down to 91%. Google has started diversifying its portfolio with its Google Play, Chromecast and Chromebooks and many more. This endeavor resulted in 85% increase in the revenue from non-ad category and 8% increase in stock prices.

Google is finding new markets and satisfying new needs and that is what other social media sites are looking forward to do as well. I mentioned in my previous post, there has been a shift of focus towards diversification of revenue stream in online and social media companies, Google is an apt example here and I am sure this trend will continue in future as well.



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