Smart Ads Focusing on Negative Emotions

Emotional advertising is a widely prevalent concept in the marketing world these days. As a result of the extensive competition, companies are going beyond the pompous informative ads and utilizing the emotional aspect to get customers to notice and like their brands.

In my last post I talked about how marketers need to connect with their audience through personal experiences. These experiences or emotions can range from happiness, fear, sarcasm, contempt, heroism, kindness to revenge and many more. As human beings we all experience each of these emotions at some point and are more likely to remember related ads. Using emotional (positive/negative) ads as a liaison between the customers and the brand, advertisers are better able to make their ads more memorable.

Here are some smart examples by Graeme Newell that utilize the emotional aspect in attracting customer attention. Point to be noted here is, sometimes negative emotions can set you apart from the crowd.


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