Are Infomercials Right for Your Business?

When it comes to marketing, small businesses turn to cheaper options for advertising. I remembers one of my teachers saying no advertising is better than bad advertising because a distasteful communication reaching your target audience is worse than not reaching them at all. Infomercial is one of these cheaper options where the utility of a product is described in the video by an anchor/actor in a particular setting. For the most part they are effective when done right. However, there is a downside of being cheesy and untrustworthy. Fore whatever medium a company chooses, it has to go all out to make it great otherwise what’s the point?

Many small businesses fall prey of the lower cost options that may not be the right one for them. A badly done infomercial can really ruin your brand image and alienate potential customers. Below are some of the examples of infomercials that don’t work.


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