Will You Pay for Secure Social Media Accounts?

With the awareness of all the data gathering that’s going on in social media, comes the question, will it make sense for customers to pay for a secure account? After watching this video I so want to get rid of my Facebook account, but can I really?

Most of the social media companies have modified their policies in line with what standard Facebook has established in the market. However, the question of whether we will be willing to pay for using the social media services remains unanswered. Another question is, will a paid platform be able to establish a standard or persuade enough users to make it popular? Can those people communicate with as many connections as they do on Facebook, Twitter or any other free social media platform for that matter? Maybe not. From a regular customer’s perspective the trade-off of giving away invaluable information is cheaper than paying for a service that may not satisfy their social media needs completely. This video may change some people’s perspective on the issue.


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