Guerrilla Marketing for Small Businesses

Lately I have been observing many small businesses exercising guerrilla marketing tactics to create a viral effect for their business. Sure these types of tactics are less expensive and have high impact, but most of the times small businesses fail to achieve the full potential of a guerrilla marketing campaign. Mostly small businesses make the mistake of focusing on tactics instead of strategies. These campaigns need to be thought through in context of business and marketing objectives. Guerrilla marketing campaign should consist of a number of tactics directed towards a unified goal.

Another mistake companies often make is to focus on competitors instead of customers. These campaigns should be designed to grab your target market’s attention. Guerrilla marketing is about being different; among a large number of competitors offering similar products and services how can you set your business apart? It’s not about being cheap, but about catching attention so people consider you while making a buying decision. And after the first purchase customer is going to make up his own mind. The following video contains some interesting guerrilla marketing examples.


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