Console Wars between Xbox One and PS 4

By now we all are aware of the launch of two most sought after gaming consoles the Xbox One and Play Station 4 this month. As a result the advertising efforts are accelerated as well. It was interesting to me how the two companies are targeting the same audience with two different messaging techniques. In this post we will explore the possibilities for Xbox’s approach to generating the preference for its Xbox One.

Xbox One’s latest advertisement “This is an Invitation,” focuses on the big is better kind of imagery. I think the company has done a good job at showcasing some of its signature games and features, which successfully catches viewer’s attention without saying much. Production value of the ad is very good; it almost looks like a clip from a movie in the beginning and later on unfolds to be an Xbox One commercial. I am not an avid gamer but being a part of the target audience of this particular communication I can say the ad is quite effective in generating the likability about the brand.


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