Console Wars PS 4’s Advertising Approach

In my last post I talked about the console wars and the big is better appeals used by Xbox One in its commercials. Play Station 4 on the other hand has been focusing on the emotional aspect to attract gamers by urging their inner greatness through messages like “who are you to be denied.” The ad below has been publicized by PS 4 quite aggressively. I found it very interesting in the beginning but it gets old very quickly; maybe because of a lot of verbiage.

The second ad from PS 4 below captures the idea of spending time with your friends. Message is, “It’s a perfect day” with your friends and PS 4. Both the ads have an emotional appeal. Whether or not this emotional appeal works for the specific target audience of youngsters and young adults is a different story. In my opinion, generation Y is looking for cool factor in their gaming devices.

Comparing the two different appeals used by Xbox One and PS 4 it is too early to say which methodology will work better. Though it is a known fact that emotional advertising has a better potential of brand recall, it may not be as effective for this target market.


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