Skeptics on Project Sunlight

The consumer goods market is highly homogeneous; it has become essential for large conglomerates to generate a preference toward their brand name. Unilever’s “Project Sunlight” is a similar effort towards letting people know how socially responsible the company is. On one hand the campaign generates positive emotions; on the other hand it may indicate the greed with the hidden message of “Buy Our Products.” As indicated in my previous blog, this campaign may end up receiving criticism for being an insincere marketing gimmick.

The skeptics have expressed their opinion by saying, the company has tried to position itself as an agent of change and is urging its customers to change their habits for a better future (by buying Unilever products). The video throws some light on a different aspect of this campaign.

Unilever has been consistent in its endeavors to reduce its carbon footprint, cutting down on its impact on the environment and its CSR activities around the world. This campaign provides the most suitable platform to showcase the CSR efforts that the company has been spending money on. At the end of the day there is always a profit motive behind these CSR efforts to create a positive image or attract customers.


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