Unilever’s Project Sunlight

Unilever is one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world. One of its recent initiatives was “Project Sunlight.” I came across this short film from Unilever a couple of days ago and the first time I watched it I couldn’t help but be impressed by the excellent execution of the idea.

Considering the current volatile situations around the world, the question that arises in every parent’s mind irrespective of the ethnicity is, what kind of future their kids will have? This campaign was beautifully carried out by first raising the question that resonates with the target audience and then presenting the ray of hope (Unilever products) that will make it happen.

In my opinion, this campaign seems to be successful in getting people’s attention. It may even become Viral for obvious reasons. But there may be questions arising about the sincerity of the message and how exactly is the company going to justify its claims?


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