Are Black Friday Deals an Illusion?

With every Thanksgiving comes the opportunity to grab the best deals on Black Friday sales event! Customers are on a lookout for the best deals in town and companies make their best efforts to showcase the deals through every medium possible.

What I observed this Black Friday gave me a new perspective. Almost all the companies go for creating an aura of a special deal whereas the truth is those deals are there all year long. From my personal experience, some specific shops had exact same deals as last month. There is an important marketing lesson in this exercise and that is, companies capitalize on the sentiment/mood of the market. Once customers start seeing the signage of special deals all around, they are more likely to believe they are getting a special deal even though the prices remain the same.

This thanksgiving the total sales was reported to be lower than the previous year. Also, the percentage of customers shopping online increased whereas the customers visiting stores to shop on Black Friday decreased. Trends seem to be changing in the consumer goods market which will soon need companies to change their approach and actually deliver on the promise.


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