Unilever’s Project Sunlight

Unilever is one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world. One of its recent initiatives was “Project Sunlight.” I came across this short film from Unilever a couple of days ago and the first time I watched it I couldn’t help but be impressed by the excellent execution of the idea.

Considering the current volatile situations around the world, the question that arises in every parent’s mind irrespective of the ethnicity is, what kind of future their kids will have? This campaign was beautifully carried out by first raising the question that resonates with the target audience and then presenting the ray of hope (Unilever products) that will make it happen.

In my opinion, this campaign seems to be successful in getting people’s attention. It may even become Viral for obvious reasons. But there may be questions arising about the sincerity of the message and how exactly is the company going to justify its claims?


iPad Air – Pencil Commercial

I saw this commercial today and I felt like I had to share it. This is probably the first Apple commercial that I liked in a long time. And the reason is, it is sensible and has a relevant plot, the commercial is tastefully made with the emphasis on the utility of the product “iPad Air” which is capable of doing all of those things that are necessary to succeed. I also think iPad is officially trying to reach out to a more diverse target market with academically oriented target audience as the product has been used in schools, colleges and offices for educational purposes.

Though the product is only shown at the end but I think it makes sense because of the gripping beginning with kind of emotional relation with the learning process of mankind. The ad has successfully demonstrated the unique features in the end with thinner, lighter and more powerful product message that registers in the minds of the audience.

Managing Customer Expectations

In highly competitive markets customer satisfaction has become a differentiating factor for companies. A satisfied customer can not only result in a higher loyalty but will also improve the lifetime value per customer. A happy customer can generate positive word of mouth/reviews and bring in new customers which are crucial for any business. Companies need to manage customer expectations in order to keep them satisfied for long term.

Every company wants its customers to be satisfied but not everyone is successful in doing so. The first step in this direction can be to know what your customers want and derive value from, to give them a best suited value proposition. Another important aspect in managing expectations is to educate your customers about what your company can and cannot do at the beginning of the buying process. Having set rules help tremendously in making customers content and gives an opportunity for companies to under promise over deliver.

Random gestures or free services/discounts may help in getting customers happy the first time but this act may set the bar high for the next visit. If the company does not deliver on the promise of the experience the customer had before, chances are they will be dissatisfied. Hence it is good to have special offers on special occasions than a random discount.

Console Wars PS 4’s Advertising Approach

In my last post I talked about the console wars and the big is better appeals used by Xbox One in its commercials. Play Station 4 on the other hand has been focusing on the emotional aspect to attract gamers by urging their inner greatness through messages like “who are you to be denied.” The ad below has been publicized by PS 4 quite aggressively. I found it very interesting in the beginning but it gets old very quickly; maybe because of a lot of verbiage.

The second ad from PS 4 below captures the idea of spending time with your friends. Message is, “It’s a perfect day” with your friends and PS 4. Both the ads have an emotional appeal. Whether or not this emotional appeal works for the specific target audience of youngsters and young adults is a different story. In my opinion, generation Y is looking for cool factor in their gaming devices.

Comparing the two different appeals used by Xbox One and PS 4 it is too early to say which methodology will work better. Though it is a known fact that emotional advertising has a better potential of brand recall, it may not be as effective for this target market.

Console Wars between Xbox One and PS 4

By now we all are aware of the launch of two most sought after gaming consoles the Xbox One and Play Station 4 this month. As a result the advertising efforts are accelerated as well. It was interesting to me how the two companies are targeting the same audience with two different messaging techniques. In this post we will explore the possibilities for Xbox’s approach to generating the preference for its Xbox One.

Xbox One’s latest advertisement “This is an Invitation,” focuses on the big is better kind of imagery. I think the company has done a good job at showcasing some of its signature games and features, which successfully catches viewer’s attention without saying much. Production value of the ad is very good; it almost looks like a clip from a movie in the beginning and later on unfolds to be an Xbox One commercial. I am not an avid gamer but being a part of the target audience of this particular communication I can say the ad is quite effective in generating the likability about the brand.

Product Association Matters

Technological consumer goods companies usually follow pre-announcement marketing tactic to create the buzz about its products and get the initial reaction of its target market. However there are many cases where the products fail to pick up in the market because of lacking follow-up marketing campaign. Samsung Smart Watch is a very good example. There was some interest generated when this watch was announced in September, 2013, but the sales have not picked up yet. Though, it’s still early to say if the product has failed or not, but the marketing campaign definitely failed in generating the buzz in the market. I saw the following ad a few days ago and thought this is stupid. Why would you want to compare your new technological initiative with some movies or TV shows from 80s? By associating the watch with the nerdy gadgets the company failed to generate a positive association.

Ads That Capture Holiday Mood

Now that the gifting season is around the corner, we start seeing more and more holiday oriented ads. Companies are looking for the most effective delivery of their message by capturing the cheer and joy that holidays bring to families. Having an emotional appeal to the message is important but even more important aspect of the campaign is relevance of message.

Kohl’s seem to have a very good grip on its marketing campaigns specifically targeting customers by communicating the core message of dream gifts, savings and sale with a cheerful setting. The ad is summed up with its apt tag line, “Expect Great Things.” I think this was one of the best holiday commercials by Kohl’s.