Marketing Through Social Media

The advent of internet has changes how people communicate and share information. The speed and frequency are much higher than traditional media; reach of social media knows no boundaries. It’s an inbound method of sharing where people welcome new and interesting ideas coming from their friends and acquaintance. Having said that, it is not easy to get people talking about your brand; companies have to constantly think of new ways to generate the interest. The ROM campaign I previously talked about, owes its success to social media.

Another big name that has been focusing on these viral marketing opportunities is Coca Cola. Coke has been making the fullest use of free publicity through social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more. Many of the commercials I shared before by Coke had been geared towards triggering a conversation.

An interesting campaign by Coke carried out in Australia a couple of years ago included personalized bottles of Coke with some of the most common names used in Australia. This campaign resulted in long lines, blogs, tags, likes and online sharing. People would flock in front of vending machines looking for their names. The following feature on this effort is really interesting.


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